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Dallas Domestic Violence Counseling

Dallas Battering Intervention and Prevention Program

Dallas Domestic Violence CounselingWhat is Domestic Violence? Experts define domestic violence as purposeful, violent behavior used to maintain power and control over a person. It cuts across geographic, religious, economic, and racial barriers. Abuse includes verbal, psychological, emotional, financial, physical, sexual or spiritual attacks.

My domestic Violence counseling program focuses on working with batterers to change abusive patterns in an atmosphere that is caring, compassionate, and safe. I work on behavioral alternatives that stop the cycle of violence. I help clients to grow in ways that enable them to live their lives free of violence and abuse.

My mission is to end domestic violence in our community. I believe this can be accomplished by dealing directly with the source of this growing problem. Domestic violence in any relationship will not just disappear without intervention.

Dallas Domestic Violence Group Goals

My Dallas Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (Dallas BIPP) classes consists of groups for family violence offenders and individual sessions, in which offenders are held accountable for past abusive behavior and taught the fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle. My program works directly with offenders to enhance the safety of battered women, their children, and to help the offenders develop positive change.

  • Accountabilitydallas-BIPP
  • Anger Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Body Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Positive Relationship Skills
  • Self-Trust
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Reduction

Class Information & Costs

Intake & Orientation: 120 minutes and costs $50
Group Class (meets weekly for 24 weeks): 90 minutes and costs $25

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