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Dallas Temper Tamers Anger Management Program

tempertamermastercoverIs your out-of-control anger hurting your health, destroying your relationships, and ambushing your career?  The Temper Tamers program will help you:

  • Gain more knowledge of how to slow down your anger cycles and triggers.
  • Free yourself from frustration and disappointment.
  • Deal with the frustration that causes you to want to quit along the way and gift of ‘Your Self’ when you don’t.

Class Information & Costs

  • Each new member is required to complete an individual 60 to 90 minute intake appointment.  The cost is $40 for the intake.
  • Purchase the workbook Taming Your Temper: A Workbook For Individuals, Couples, And Groups. The cost is $30 for the book.
  • 36 exercises and 5 “Extra Credits” are covered during the entire program; 2-3 exercises per class. The program requires a new member to complete 20 classes at $25 per class.
  • 2 hour classes are held twice a week (4 hours a week total) during the 10-week program. (40 hours of training total)
  • Class size 8 to 12 participants. The class could include groups for only men or only women.

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