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Why Choose Online Counseling Services?

Online CounselingWhile face-to-face client-therapist relationships are extremely important, in-office counseling isn’t always a viable option in today’s world. Hectic lifestyles, challenging work schedules, family commitments, geographical locations, and even emotional restrictions can inhibit one’s therapy if limited only to office hours. Now, thanks to advances in technology such as video conferencing and Skype™, therapy can still be continued virtually through online counseling.

Distance counseling, via internet or phone, allows clients who are home-bound, disabled, travel frequently, or concerned about anonymity, the ability to pursue psychotherapy and maintain a close client-therapist relationship in a way that is convenient, affordable, effective, safe, and available worldwide. Whether you are in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin or anywhere else, you can avail our online counseling services.

How does Online Counseling work?

The online mental health services will be held through VSee, a free online service that allows users to make free online phone and video calls. VSee also provides the ability to send and receive therapy registration paperwork quickly, easily, and securely – no faxing or emailing documents necessary.

vseeSimply download the VSee service to your computer through the easy steps; once connected, your session will proceed in the same manner as a face-to-face office visit.

It is important to remember that while I will work to protect your confidentiality as much as possible, VSee cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. Please always make sure you are in a private area where your conversation cannot be overheard. Clients who keep printed records of Internet chat and emails are creating a second medical record and may compromise the security and confidentiality of such records.

If you do not have easy access to a computer, phone counseling is also available – with this service, please always secure a private location where your session cannot be overheard or interrupted.

Payments/Insurance Options

Online counseling payments can be made with credit card via PayPal (no PayPal account required) or you may provide your credit card number when you schedule your appointment.

Unfortunately, health insurance coverage is not available for online or telephone consultations at this time.

To schedule an Online Counseling or Phone Counseling appointment, call our office at (214) 205-0237 or email

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Please note, there are circumstances and issues that Online and Phone Counseling cannot support – these include, but are not limited to: suicidal thoughts or actions, thoughts of harming self or others, or acute psychiatric episodes.

Internet counselors cannot provide direct help in a crisis and cannot diagnose disorders or complex issues as easily or quickly since they cannot use all the senses to evaluate a person. Therapists can only proceed on the information given by the client; many cues that might be helpful, such as body posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc., are not available and, therefore, evaluation and feedback is less informed than in face-to-face consultations.